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By Kecia Hambrick Platinum Quality Author

Are you a struggling affiliate marketer who has been in the game for a few months, but cannot seem to make your websites, articles, or blog convert into sales? Are you having a hard time getting traffic to these places? If so, I have something that will help you. It's called One Week Marketing.

The author of One Week Marketing, known to most as PotPieGirl, has put together a step-by-step guide to online income in affiliate marketing after doing a case study with a struggling marketer named Nick. The two became acquainted on a forum they both visited, and Nick asked PotPieGirl for her help, as he hadn't made a sale in his several months of trying. Within the first week of the two collaborating, Nick had his first three sales.

Once PotPieGirl realized how beneficial her knowledge and experiences had been to Nick, she decided to formulate a manual for all who are struggling with getting sales. One Week Marketing was born. It contains 5 manuals that will help you get on the road to affiliate marketing success. The most important piece of the puzzle is the One Week Marketing Guide Book. This takes a 7 day time period, and breaks it down day by day, giving the reader tasks to complete daily. The idea is, at the end of the one week, a successful campaign will be put into place.

By doing 1 campaign a week, after one year, 52 campaigns will be driving money into your Clickbank account. You can choose to stop there, or continue as long as you like. Ultimately, the more campaigns you create, the more money you will make. How long you choose to do it is up to you.

The other contents of One Week Marketing include

  • A Conversation with Nick - The actual dialogue between Nick and PotPieGirl during the time they worked together.
  • One Week Marketing Action Plan - A condensed version of the guidebook that can be used as a reference.
  • One Week Marketing Checklist - Printable lists that will allow you to keep up with the tasks you have completed for each campaign.
  • One Week Marketing Mind Maps - Flow charts that allow you to visualize your goals, and how everything ties in together.

Get an even closer look at the contents of One Week Marketing! The first 18 pages are available as a sneak peek by visiting Inside One Week Marketing now!

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